Setting the application icon in WPF XAML

A short post on how to set the application icon in a WPF / XAML application to something other than the default icon.

Step 1: Create a new WPF application:


Step 2: Right click your project folder and set properties:

Select the Application tab:


We are interested in configuring the ‘Icon and manifest’ section.

Click the button next the Icon drop-down menu and select your *.ico file.

Example *.ico file downloadable from here:


Step 3: Set the Main Window properties

We want to be able to display the application even in Debug (F5) mode as well.

To do this just set the Icon property in the MainWindow.xaml:

I added the icon file to my project folder, so there is no need for me to set any relative or absolute path, but this can be easily done if necessary:

<Window x:Class="SetIcon.MainWindow"
        Height="350" Width="525">

Step 4: Rebuild and run your project

The icon should appear in the top-left of the window, even in Debug mode, as shown


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