This blog is a vehicle for recording and explaining programming and IT-related techniques I encounter in a plain, no-frills way. As a software developer, I am frequently assigned tasks in domains that are outside my circle of experience. I enjoy new challenges – they are part and parcel of an engineer’s job. But I also feel that some online resources on computing is sometimes incomplete, unclear or impenetrable to the intelligent layperson.

This is where I hope that this blog will be of benefit.

New stuff I encounter gets added to this blog as I go along, either by way of code samples, sometimes complemented with a downloadable, and some explanations that I hope are in plain, understandable English and to the point. If you’re like me you probably dislike excessively wordy posts and just wish to get to the crux of the problem.

Personally, some of my older postings have already proving useful in ‘how did I do that 6 months ago?’ situations where I prefer not to have to consult books or re-invent the wheel. Comments received from readers have been encouraging. Any feedback and suggestions on how I may improve this site are always appreciated.

Most of my stuff is free, or available as a download at a small price, to help cover the costs of running this site, as well as using adverts too, which I hope are not too distracting. My postings have been donated to the public domain, including any new posts I write, so they’re not copyrighted. You’re welcome to republish, use, or share them in any way you desire. There’s no need to ask permission in advance.