AVAILABLE NOW: 10 Lessons About C++ You Need To Learn To Become A Master Programmer.

Available in Kindle / PDF formats or as a straightforward document:

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10 practical lessons to get you up and running in industrial strength C++ programming techniques in next to no time.

The Kindle purchase contains a FREE download link allowing you complete access to code samples and Visual Studio projects for all chapters. Loads of examples that WORK.

Lesson chapters include:

– Getting started with Windows Programming
– Further Windows Programming
– Getting started with the Boost C++ libraries
– Applying graph algorithms to practical network problems
– Writing your own Soduku puzzle solver
– Creating a mathematical calculator
– Applying a genetic algorithm to solve complex functions
– Solving the traveling salesman problem using the 2-opt algorithm
– Finding all possible paths for routing problems
– Improving your programs by application of the Standard Template Library

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